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HP OATS – High Performance Protein Boosted Oatmeal (SUBSCRIBE + SAVE)


You are about to enjoy the best bowl of Oatmeal EVER!

Our high-performance HP OATS™ have 2.5 Xs the protein of regular whole oats. Made with our organic whole grain rolled oats, boosted with UP Sports Nutrition’s VERTA-PLEX™ blended protein designed to enhance lean muscle, burn fat and increase energy.  Made with organic whole grain oats are grown exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, under strict USDA Organic Farming Standards.

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Take your workouts and recovery to the next level with best tasting and high performing HP OATS™

Known as “The way champions start their day” HP Oats is ideal as an early morning hot breakfast, or as an on-the-go snack as a no-bake mix, our HP Oats are naturally sweet, and make a delicious, thick and creamy serving of oatmeal.

Micro batched and made in small batches with no additives, no flavoring agents, and absolutely no artificial ingredients. Made to order and shipped at the peak of nutritional value, our whole grain oats are gently baked and milled to maintain the highest levels of taste,iron, protein, fiber, complex carbs, and vitamins and minerals.

The HP OATS™ difference:

Our protein oats are micro batched by hand and sourced from farms where cows are free-ranging and raised humanely. Our approach is not easy and our process is time-consuming, but it allows us to create real food in its purest form.

Because of this, we’re able to provide you a best in class protein-boosted whole grain oats that is:

  • High in protein with 2.5 Xs the amount of protein in plain whole oats; each serving of our HP OATS has 12g protein, 5g heart-healthy fiber.
  • Low sugar
  • 100% natural & raw
  • Soy free
  • Micro-filtered and minimally processed for the highest nutritional value.     (Not, bleached or chemically processed)
  • Ideal for no bake oats, and all of your oatmeal inspired recipes!

We know you train hard and care for your body! You deserve nutrition that will help you achieve your sports, health and fitness goals. After years of formulating the HP OATS™ recipe we feel that our hard work paid off and are happy to offer you this awesome protein oatmeal HP OATS™ “Champions start their day with HP Oats”.

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